What to bring to the Netherlands?


  • Passport with a Dutch MVV visa stamped on it
  • Admission letter and other important correspondence from the University (scholarship letter).
  • Important certificates of your educational qualifications
  • Other certificates and awards you might think are important
  • Drivers license
  • International student cards, club cards etc.
  • CVs, Biodata, Resumés
  • Medical history, immunization records, proof of special illnesses, prescriptions
  • Contact details of friends and mentors


  • Traveller cheques are useful/safe and get exchanged for cash at counters for a small fee.
  • Bring at least 500 Euros (max: 1500 Euros) in cash and try to get notes of smaller denominations (5, 10, 20) and also coins if possible (you might need to use coin dispensers at the airport for instance). Do not carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • If you have a credit card bring it as here they are harder to get.
  • World Travellers cards and Forex cards will also be helpful.


  • You can get almost everything here except your homemade delicacies. Please learn cooking if you want to save money and do invite us to dinner.
  • Delft has three different shops (baharpolat & star asian supermarket) selling a variety of Indian products – spices/pulses/frozen indian food/namkeen/sweets/cosmetics/cottage cheese.
  • The Hague, 10-15 minutes away by train also has Indian stores.


  • We suggest you buy enough (formal and informal). Winter clothing (gloves, sweaters etc.) is cheap here and tailor-made for the climate (-10 c to 5 c in winters). All leather items are cheaper in india. So it is handy to get a leather jacket. Other personal things that would be needed could be:
  • Spectacles (2-3 pairs), since they are costly here.
  • Please bring traditional dresses to wear on special occasions. During travel make sure to keep at least two sets of clothing in your cabin baggage in case your luggage gets misplaced and does not arrive on time.

Health & cosmetics

  • Please bring medicines if needed and medicines for common cold, headaches, fever etc. (optional)
  • You may want to take shots for TT (tuberculin skin test), MMR – measles mumps and rubella and TD (tetanus, diphtheria), Hepatitis B (it takes 6 months for the doses to be complete)
  • Go for a Dental Checkup; your insurance doesn’t cover your eyes and teeth completely here
  • Remember to get any prescription medicines that you take regularly.
  • Please keep in mind that you will also tend to fall ill less frequently (clean drinking water, burger instead of vada paav etc.).
  • Get all the medicines that your doctor prescribed, but get them in small quantities, do not stock them as if you are going to fight an epidemic.


  • Sunglasses: at least one is recommended
  • Stitching kit: optional
  • Bring any sports equipment you may need (tu delft has a great gym) table-tennis paddles, badminton racquets, cricket bats.
  • Sports & Culture, TU Delft 
  • If you play any musical instruments, please try to bring it along. You can perform as an artist at our functions.
  • Do not bring blankets as you will find better ones here made as per the weather conditions in the Netherlands.
  • Your iPods, mobile phones and laptops and other equipment will all work here but the power sockets operate at 220v/50 hz but the pin connections are different (type e or type f).
  • The mobile network throughout Europe uses GSM. It means that the GSM mobile that you have in India can be used here. So bringing your mobile here might be handy as you just buy a prepaid connection and start using your mobile right away.
  • The university usually offers you with a prepaid Sim (with pre-loaded balance) which can be used right away on arrival.
  • A scientific calculator is a must from India. Also stack up on batteries if you may, although the same is available here, for a greater cost.
  • Purchase a laptop or consider buying one at the TU Delft laptop project. For the TU Delft laptop project, you will need a Dutch bank account.

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