Post Acceptance

Congratulations! You have been accepted into one of the world’s leading universities.

On acceptance, you will be provided with login details within a week for Delftulip. TU Delft’s very own social networking site for new admits. In case there is a delay of more than two weeks, please check your spam folder and contact the central international office.

1. Provide a confirmation statement on

2. Enroll in Studielink for receiving your NetID and student number.

3. Paying the fees

Most banks in India can wire the money to Netherlands. The beneficiary of the fees will be provided in Delfttulip. While paying the fees, please mention your registration number. The fees can be transferred in two installments before the set deadline as long as the registration number corresponds with every payment.

Monthly fees for the payment is not possible. However, it’s possible in the second year.

Students from non-EU countries are expected to pay their living fees in advance which will be later reimbursed to your Dutch account on arrival in the Netherlands.

The reimbursement takes 3-4 weeks to reflect after registration in the Netherlands.

Also, in the event of receiving a scholarship after paying the fees, the university will reimburse the amount stated in the scholarship. So if you have finalized on TU Delft go ahead and pay as soon as possible to have more options with housing and time for visa application.

4. Visa application

TU Delft collects fees on behalf of you to apply for the visa. The process is initiated only after the payment of fees. Within a few weeks time, one will be receiving a mail with relevant documents to be filled in for the visa application. TU Delft will initiate the second phase of the visa application after receiving the documents through email. From this point onwards it can take another 4 weeks before which one can book an appointment at the consulate general/embassy.

At the embassy/consulate general, one will be provided with the MVV sticker on the passport. For the Delhi embassy, the process is completed the next day. However, the Mumbai consulate general takes a week.

The appointment can be booked on vfsglobal.

The MVV is valid for 90 days and a residence permit needs to be collected either on designated dates at the campus or at IND, The Hague.

Visa is a time-consuming process, make sure you fill in the documents correctly (& latest) and send them promptly.

5. Housing

The visa and housing process run parallel. Housing is hard to find and often requires a lot of effort. The university offers a limited number of rooms for international students in association with DUWO and a couple of other housing agencies in Delft, Rijswijk, the Hague and Schiedam.

The TU Delft page on housing offers you with links to other options.

Please be aware of rental fraud. 

Facebook groups are a great way to search for housing. Isa delft recommends the following groups

find a room(mate) in delft

…housing in delft?

The monthly rent ranges from 450 to 750 euro per month per room (including rent, water, gas, electricity, internet, service charges and taxes). Rental prices are calculated fairly using a government issued grading system (puntensysteem wws). The prices per accommodation can be found in the housing portal (source: Delft-Tulip).

6. Insurance

SUCSEZ offers insurance in association with TU Delft. The registration/application can be done through links offered in Delft-tulip. No payment has to be made while registering for the same and the amount is debited from one’s Dutch account after it is opened (and the living costs reimbursed).

7. Campus card

Upload your photo for your campus card using your NetID before 1 January 2018 (students starting in February 2018) and before 1 august 2018 (for students starting in September 2018) (source: Delfttulip).