Stepping Stone

Boost your Professional Profile

Finding a job, internship or a graduation project in The Netherlands can be overwhelming for the international candidates. Applying for a job position can sometimes become an iterative process through which the candidate slowly understands the do’s and dont’s in this professional culture. A lot of time and opportunities are lost before that perfect CV is formed and the perfect professional conduct is grasped.

ISA Delft, in partnership with HoiTalent, are here to shorten this learning curve for you! We bring to you the ‘Stepping Stone’, a workshop which is designed to specifically target some important aspects of your professional profile.

The Workshop

1. Presenting yourself in a professional setting:

In this workshop, we will give you insight on how should your conduct be when you are speaking to your interviewer or when you are trying to break the ice in a career event.

2. Personal statement or Summary:

A very important part of your professional profile is the personal statement, sometimes called summary or ‘About me’. In this workshop, we will show you how to write, what to write and how much to write in a personal statement to make an impact on the reader.

3. Discussion and Q&A

This will be an open Q&A session with the experts and alumni where the participants can ask job-related queries.

Event Information

Date: March 25th, 2018 Sunday
Time: 10:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs
Venue: International Student Housing, Professor Schermerhornstraat 2628PZ, Delft
Contact: Pritish Bose; +31651671386;

Register to join us for this event! We can only accommodate a limited number of participants, so be among the first ones to register.